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As a former personal fitness trainer I have always taken pride in my body, and trying to look good.  I aim to set an example.  Inspiring others towards the benefits of fitness and a healthy life style is a big part of my life. Through the years leading up to modeling I have been self employed in a variety of different roles and pursuits including entrepreneurial ideas such as online poker and dating websites, event management, and an auction business.  I have also managed and run a nightclub as well as a bar/ restaurant. All of these experiences have taught me a lot about business.  Working and communicating with people of a variety of backgrounds has been a large part of this and something I really enjoy.


I have been modelling professionally now for 5 years on a wide and diverse range of assignments with many different clients and in many style genres from fashion through to nude. (See credits)

I always enjoy the modelling that I do and love to work in partnership with the photographer to create images or media to be proud of.  As a perfectionist I always strive to excel and be better than anything else out there, and pride myself on being as professional as possible.


Recently I have been involved with increasing amounts of film and TV based work including Eastenders, The Bill, educational programmes and many others. This is definitely an area that interests me more and more, so I am looking to get involved in other productions in the near future. If you are interested in casting me, or involving me in a new production, then by all means get in contact. (See video clip)


I do many other things besides modelling such as hosting for events, promotion work, licensed chauffeur, SIA licensed door supervisor, etc. So if you have any other ideas or work that you would like to run past me then by all means get in contact.



  • Thorntons Chocolates – Gavin Harrison
  • The Playhouse Company – Gavin Harrison
  • Builders Callendar – Urban Studios – Jonathan Bayley
  • Housework Callendar – Urban Studios – Jonathan Bayley
  • Ask Oki Printers/ Website – Paul Cripps
  • Quake for Men Underwear and Sports – Gavin Harrison
  • Pabo Catalogue/Website – Jeff Kaine
  • (Hollan (Ravenous) Sterling Publishing – Alan Penn
  • Pleasuring Book: *** NOW OUT TO BUY ON AMAZON ***
  • Strait up Sex 365 Book
  • Love it Magazine – Media Blitz Images – Martin Lee
  • More Magazine – Media Blitz Images – Martin Lee
  • Private Eye Magazine – Media Blitz Images – Martin Lee
  • Daily Sport – Media Blitz Images – Martin Lee
  • Various Brochures and Educational Material (Ireland) – Phill (UK MALE)
  • Thames Talkback TV – Sex, How to Do it.
  • Tesco TV – Target London.
  • G Casino Luton (Grosvenor Casinos) – Target london
  • Scarlet Womens Magazine (Two Editions so far) – Martin Lee
  • “Eastenders” TV Soap – 247 Talent
  • Brit Awards 2009 – Comic Relief
  • DNA Magazine Cover #118 – Sandro Mantovani
  • “The Bill” TV Soap – Multi Episodic part – 247 Talent.
  • Bruno gumunder book – Sandro Mantovani
  • Beautiful Magazine Calendar – Sandro Mantovani

And many many more….